Tokai Way

The TOKAI Group's shift to a holdings system in April 2011 was accompained by the unification of its leadership and employess and the enactment of its group philoshopy: TOKAI-WAY. This consists of four levels - the Corporate Philosophy, Mission, Vision, and Values - which are shared and put into pratice by all employess of the Group.



Beliefs of the TOKAI Group

To improve the lives of our customers. We will continue to grow and develop alogn with our region and the globe.

As a corporation providing comprehensive support for daily life and driven by the capabilites and the potential we have nurtured since our establishment, we will continue to contribute to the happiness of our customers while deepening our links with our region and the globe.



The mission the TOKAI Group must complete to benefit society, our customers and our shareholders.

Transform, challenge, and succeed.

Based on our strong determination to serve our customers, we constantly face the challenge of self-transformation to succeed in predicting the needs of daily life and providing people with security and safety, convenience and confort, and joyful and meaningful lives.



Long-term business goals the TOKAI Group must aim for

Building on our nationwide growth to launch a sustained move into the international community, become a TLC (Total Life Concierge): a one-stop supplier of the products and services our customers demand.

Our aim is to strengthen the combined capabilities of the Group in today's globalizing social environment and bring a succession of diverse new services closely lined to daily life and to the region where we conduct business, and in this way, to become a Total Life Concierge leading Japan into the twenty-firt century.



Common values which must play an important role in guiding the actions of employees of the TOKAI group.

We join you in never-ending laughter and excitement.
Commnuication whick links us all A partner constantly by our side, communication is a valuable tool. Drawing on the strenghts of our team members, we bring you fresh excitement.
Security, safety, and fulfillment by your side With security and safety our first priority, we constantly express our grateful spirit by providing you and with the fines possible services.
With the enthusiasm and pride of a professional constantly in mind As professionals who our customers will continue to choose, we will strive to improve ourselves every day of our lives as we enjoyably perform our work driven by the freedom to create new ideas.
With the region we serce, growing to create the future We are helping build a regional environment, a natural environment and local community life, so everyone frome children to the elderly can live free from anxiety.

We will continue to develop human resources and create workplace environments allowing use to truly achieve the TOKAI-WAY.