Construction Patterns


This is what supply to general housing looks like. The standard gas cylinders available hold 10kg, 20kg, or 50kg of LPG. These cylinders are installed outside of the home with a meter, a regulator, a fuse-operated gas plug, and a gas leak alarm attached for safe and stable use.

High Rise Building

This is what an all-inclusive gas supply, running piping to each individual unit of high rise apartments or condominiums, looks like.

Currents, in Myanmar, families bring their gas cylinders inside of the house for use. Introduction of our company's LPG Supply System will bring a higher level of safety and peace of mind to our Myanmar customers since gas tanks are safely managed outside of the home and gas pressure is provided at low and safe levels.

Restaurant / Shopping Mall

In the case of restaurants or shopping malls, it is especially important to ensure safety as a much larger number of people make use of these facilities at the same time compared to general housing. Other mechanical equipment is also necessary to ensure safety and stability, such as individual-use alarms and interlocking gas leak alarm/shut-off devices.


LP gas is not only useful for households and businesses, but there are a multitude of industrial uses as well. It can be use in food production, textile processing, paint drying, and metalworking, etc. It can also be used as a heat source in the production of electricity.